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Eugene Evans co-founder CEO

Eugene is currently the CEO and co-founder of gopop.tv, a start-up creating a new social experience around the passionate audience globally for TV, movies and online video. Eugene is a pioneer of the interactive entertainment industry and is best known as an entrepreneur in several start-up’s and leadership roles in large gaming and media companies including EA and Viacom. Eugene has extensive global experience having held roles in strategy, business, marketing and product development on almost every entertainment platform throughout his career. He is frequently asked to speak on the future of interactive entertainment.

Eugene was previously VP and GM at Electronic Arts, with full operational responsibility for Mythic, an EA studio in Fairfax, VA. In this capacity he successfully pivoted the studio from developing PC subscription MMO’s to free-to-play mobile, resulting in the recently announced Ultima Forever, a multiplayer RPG for the tablets. He was also responsible for the operation of three pioneering live MMO’s: Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and Warhammer Online.

Mythic was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006. At Mythic Eugene was part of the senior exec team as the VP of Marketing and Business Development and was responsible for all aspects of the companies marketing, PR and communications. Eugene also executed a number of international strategic partnerships including relationships with Vivendi Universal and France Telecom.

Prior to Mythic, Eugene operated his own consulting and independent production company, Infinite Ventures. The company consulted with several gaming start-up’s including Zipper Interactive (acquired by Sony in 2006) and Mythic Entertainment. He advised the senior management of these companies on strategy, established key business relationships on their behalf and executed marketing and PR. The company also acquired the rights to a number of pioneering properties including the award winning Shadowgate and Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective leveraging those properties to define new gaming markets including creating one of the first interactive DVD games.

Over the course of the remainder of his career Eugene has filled both business development and technical roles for a number of companies recognized as pioneers in the evolving market for games both in the USA and UK.

Jonathan Small co-founder CTO

Jonathan Small has been involved with developing both technology and games for over 25 years. His first game was published on the Spectrum home computer whilst he was at high school. At university he developed the cross platform operating system ‘CyberDos’ for the Amiga and Atari ST home computers. The operating system was later used as the development target for the commercial release ‘The Oath’.

Jonathan joined Criterion Software and worked optimizing the rendering technology for early versions of the RenderWare 3d graphics library. When Criterion moved into game development Jonathan became the producer and lead engineer on ‘Sub Culture’. To develop the game Jonathan developed a new game engine under the code name ‘Dive’. The engine was so successful internally it was later released by Criterion as RenderWare 3.0. RenderWare 3.0 became the de facto game engine for the Playstation 2 console generation, being used in over 25% of all games released. Jonathan moved on to run the 60 strong Criterion Studios. During that time the company developed a string of successful PC and console titles, including RedLine Racer (PC/Ubisoft), Suzuki Alstare Racing (DreamCast/Ubisoft) and Trickstyle (Dreamcast/Acclaim). Jonathan had overall responsibility for the management of these titles, as well as directing their technical development.

In 1999 Jonathan realized the significance of digital distribution, and headed up a new Studio at Criterion called ‘Fiendish Games’. Fiendish Games was a pioneer not only of digital distribution technology, but also in game development techniques appropriate for that medium. There he directed the development of ten high-quality PC titles designed specifically for distribution over the Internet, and five games for the Sega DreamArena service. Jonathan also developed the proprietary game locking and e-commerce technologies used by Fiendish, and led the division from initial development to profitability within a year from start-up.

Fiendish Games was spun out of Criterion as ‘Small Rockets’ with Jonathan as the Managing Director. In all Fiendish Games and Small Rockets developed 20 titles across multiple platforms.

Wanting a change of scenery and a new challenge, Jonathan moved to the US and worked as a professor of game development at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

More recently Jonathan worked as a Senior Engineer for Havok, the industry leader in real-time physics middleware. There he developed the core technology subsequently released as ‘Havok Destruction’. Havok Destruction has been used in many recent AAA game releases including Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and Battlefield 3.

Dave Marsh co-founder VP Product Development

Dave Marsh has been active in the design and creation of video games for more than 27 years. Most recently serving as Creative Director for Video Gaming Technologies, the leader in Class II gaming, he designed and directed more than 150 gaming titles and oversaw the company's branding strategies and intellectual property portfolio. An exceptional creative talent, Dave applies strong production discipline and innovative design discernment to the creation of interactive entertainment.

Dave began his career in 1985 working for ICOM Simulations and became an instrumental influence in the early creation of both the adventure and full-motion video game genres and new platforms such as CD-ROM. During his time at ICOM - and subsequently after its acquisition by Viacom International – Dave led both internal and external gaming teams while designing and producing dozens of successful entertainment titles.

After leaving Viacom, Dave continued to develop pioneering work on other devices including smart phones, DVD and scalable, massively multiplayer games. He has served as a Director of Production, Creative Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Designer and Illustrator on multimillion dollar projects. In all, Dave has designed and/or developed more than 200 original and licensed entertainment titles across 20 different platforms and/or devices. He has worked with major studios and media giants such as Viacom, Warner Bros, Paramount, Columbia Tri-Star, MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox and Centropolis Entertainment.

In 2012, Dave founded Zojoi LLC, an independent gaming studio whose goal is to bring both exciting versions of his classic titles (many of which defined entire genres) and new games to PC's, Macs and tablets.

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