• Your Shows, Your Friends

    With gopop.tv, it is easier than ever before to discover what shows your friends are watching and see what they are passionate about.

  • A Passionate Community

    The gopop.tv platform is an elegant, dynamic, and fun way for you to show the fandom for your favorite TV shows, streaming programs, and online videos. From live sporting events to movies, gopop.tv gives you the tools to connect to a community of people equally passionate about the programs they watch.

  • Primetime is Your Time

    gopop.tv is a revolutionary new platform that makes TV viewing more exciting and engaging by connecting you to a community of equally passionate viewers. Watch TV on your own terms, on your own time, and the comments and activities from the community unfold as you watch. No more spoilers!

  • Not Ready to Pop Just Yet....

    We are working hard at gopop.tv to bring you the most engaging TV and online video companion ever released. Click below to send us a comment and we'll update you on our progress!


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